HYDRO 2015 conference hotel accommodation

Posted in News  |  June 3rd 2015

It has come to our attention today that an organization describing itself as 'Exhibitions Housing Services' and "Tradeshow Housing" is contacting HYDRO 2015 Exhibitors, giving the impression that it is representing the conference and handling accommodation bookings at discounted rates. The company has at least once posed as SureFire Events.

This company is in no way involved with HYDRO 2015, and is not authorized to promote accommodation sales. Moreover, it can be seen in numerous warnings on the Internet that the company is acting in a disreputable way. It has been alledged that there have been issues with credit card transactions handled by them. Hence, they represent a risk of financial loss in case of any bookings placed with them.

If you have made any reservations through them, we strongly recommend that you cancel any payment. Exhibitions Housing Services has been instructed not to continue any correspondence mentioning our event. We would therefore be pleased if you could let us know if this organization tries to make contact with you in connection with HYDRO 2015.

Registration for HYDRO 2015 will be open at the end of June via the Hydropower & Dams website including the option to book your accommodation.

Please note that this case is not exclusive to Exhibitions Housing Services, and other companies with equally questionnable background may be trying to contact you in the future.

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